13 Best Onboarding Software Options

Apr 04, 2022
13 Best Onboarding Software Options
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It can be challenging for some organizations to decide which types of software are most suitable for their operations. Significant decisions must be made, whether it's customer relationship management (CRM) or payroll software.

HR professionals are usually tasked with finding a viable onboarding software for new hires. Ensuring a smooth process for new employees is crucial in paving the way for their success in an organization. Thankfully, there are many types of HR platforms chock-full of features and solutions that can make onboarding new hires a breeze.

Below are some key features to look for in onboarding software and 13 of the best onboarding software to use in 2022. 

What Should Onboarding Software Provide for HR Professionals?

The absence of good onboarding software can lead to team member turnover, which no employer wants for their business or valued employees. 

Here are some key features to consider when choosing onboarding software:


  • Remote access

  • Multimedia capabilities

  • Integration tools

  • Customer support

  • Talent management

  • Feedback modules

  • Social learning support

  • Mobile optimization

  • Certification

  • Target analytics

  • Goal-setting features and tracking


Onboarding software plays a crucial role in helping new employees reach their performance goals, feel welcomed into a new organization, and achieve high productivity and employee engagement levels.


1. HR Cloud

HR Cloud is dedicated to providing powerful solutions for your HR teams and creating an exceptional employee experience

HR Cloud’s Onboard tool delivers the onboarding experience today’s employees expect: automated workflows and personalized portals that include welcome messages, custom fillable electronic forms, videos, instructional content, and important documents. 

Onboard walks you through compliance-related onboarding tasks, such as I-9 documentation and E-Verify. In this case, new hires can electronically sign, save, and submit I-9 forms from any device.

HR departments can save time, achieve productivity, and streamline and automate processes to create great experiences for their new employees. HR Cloud offers features including:

  • Employee self-service

  • Onboarding capabilities

  • Employee profile

  • E-sign and e-forms

  • Personalized portals

  • Custom workflows

  • I-9 and e-verify

  • Automatic notifications

  • Progress reports

  • App integrations

HR Cloud's website also offers a return on investment (ROI) calculator to help organizations decide if its solution is right for their operations. Some well-known companies, such as Peloton, TeleCom, and Lever, use HR Cloud for employee onboarding.


2. GoCo

GoCo is customizable, user-friendly and a comprehensive employee onboarding software with exceptional customer service and expert HR support. GoCo allows HR departments to offer customized offer letters with e-signature capabilities and can make sending and collecting documents simple. 

GoCo's onboarding tool also allows employees to participate in self-service benefits enrollment. Payroll setup is easy. Essentially, this is a one-stop-shop HR professionals can use to build a successful employee experience for new hires. 

3. Hibob

Automated flows, preboarding, culture and engagement, shoutouts and personalized onboarding are some of the key features Hibob offers its users. EToro, Fiverr and Zenjob are some companies that partner with Hibob for onboarding programs. All workflows are automated, meaning HR professionals can customize their processes and let the software do the rest. 

Its interface mirrors a social media platform, which can be fun and engaging for new hires. One notable feature is Hibob's Clubs, which allows workers to connect based on hobbies and their "superpowers." It's understood that office interactions help alleviate new employee anxieties, and being able to accomplish this with bob's platform is very useful.

4. ADP

ADP is a centralized onboarding solution that offers streamlined processes and the chance for new hires to connect with existing employees in an organization. ADP's automated solutions allow HR professionals to connect with new hires before they arrive at the office on their first day. Its Onboarding Buddy (optional) can help alleviate some of the nerves people have when starting at a new company. 

HR teams can share the organization's values and culture with new hires through personalized videos. New hire checklists can be assigned during the onboarding process. ADP's solution also helps workers eliminate repetitive tasks, such as data entry. 

5. Greenhouse

Cars.com, Datto and Wunderman Thompson are examples of companies that use Greenhouse onboarding software. Onboarding with Greenhouse starts before the new hire's first day. It provides an organized hub of useful resources, helps employees connect with other team members, and lets new hires familiarize themselves with the company culture and policies. 

There are two options available for HR teams: Greenhouse Onboarding and Greenhouse Welcome. Greenhouse Onboarding provides some extra features that Welcome does not. Consider both when researching Greenhouse to see which one is suitable, as each is priced differently.


6. Gusto

Gusto allows HR employees to create one onboarding checklist for every new employee. It includes must-have features, such as customized offer letters, e-signatures for necessary documents and plenty of app integrations. Some popular business apps like Asana, Microsoft 365, Zoom and Slack work with Gusto's cloud-based onboarding system.


Gusto is an easy-to-use onboarding software solution that works well for many types of organizations. This can be helpful if an HR team is not fully developed or some of the employees in the department are entry-level.


7. Ultimate

UKG Pro, formerly known as UltiPro Onboarding, can take a company's onboarding process to the next level. It's a personalized, collaborative solution that can help workers feel welcome on their first day. Employees can complete onboarding tasks before their first day and access the software on their preferred mobile device. 


Ultimate onboarding software also allows HR teams to leverage a useful administrative dashboard to view key employee data regarding new hires. Employees can electronically review, complete and sign all types of paperwork. Companies in various industries have successfully leveraged UKG Pro for all this software's benefits.


8. Trello

Trello provides new hires with two lists of tasks to complete based on their role. Employees can feel confident in using Trello. They can even see what preboarding tasks their HR team is working on before day one. HR employees reap the benefits of its simple onboarding feature by following the steps listed below:


  • Create a master template board for each new hire.

  • Copy the board and include the new hire's name.

  • Add the new hire and other team members who help with onboarding to the board.

  • Add new hire cards (tasks) they will work on during the first few workdays.


Over 1,000,000 teams use Trello — some notable companies being Google, Fender and Costco Wholesale. Trello has a built-in automation tool called Butler, eliminating several tedious tasks for HR teams. It's known for its ease of use and simple onboarding procedures. 

9. Rippling

Rippling is a one-stop-shop for HR professionals looking to connect new hires to their organizations. Its key feature is automation, allowing HR employees to focus on other meaningful tasks. Onboarding can even take as little as 90 seconds

Additionally, Rippling has a blog that helps HR teams develop a comprehensive onboarding checklist, including steps during preboarding and guidance for first-day tasks. Rippling helps organizations avoid bottlenecks during the hiring and onboarding processes. It also received PC Magazine's Editor's Choice award for its software capabilities.

10. BambooHR

BambooHR allows teams to focus more on creating a positive first impression with new hires rather than sorting through mountains of paperwork. The onboarding process is efficient and organized, and new hires receive a tailored onboarding experience.

New Hire Packet Templates offered by BambooHR makes it easy to customize onboarding for different jobs, saving time and reducing HR's administrative load. New employees receive tasks they can complete on their own time and at their own pace, allowing them to feel confident on their first day. A notable feature of BambooHR is its electronic signature software, which digitizes collecting paperwork from new hires.

11. Sapling

Warby Parker, Webflow and AngelList use Sapling to assist with their new employee onboarding processes. All recruitment data can be imported into Sapling's software, and new hires receive a welcoming experience from the start of their employment. Tasks and workflows can be automated, and its Smart Assignment feature allows HR team members to assign tasks with confidence. 

Save time using Sapling and onboard multiple employees at once and with ease. Sapling supports seasonal hiring or hiring for similar roles across different company locations. It offers many app integrations, such as JazzHR, Lever, Slack and Google Suite.


12. ClearCompany

ClearCompany's onboarding tools are efficient, simple, and best for the modern HR professional. There is a new hire portal, intuitive user interface (UI), device and equipment management, compliance and I-9 management, and bulk onboarding.

Companies can also share onboarding goals and help new hires feel welcome and an integral part of the team. Additionally, ClearCompany integrates with leading payroll providers, so getting new hires set up is a breeze. Auto-fill technology makes filling out important paperwork easy.


13. WorkBright

WorkBright's onboarding software makes form collection and onboarding simple, modern and efficient. It was awarded the FinancesOnline Expert's Choice 2020 Award, which shows how well it performs for HR managers. WorkBright is also considered a great software solution for small businesses.

WorkBright offers an intuitive interface for new hires to view their dashboard and complete tasks before day one. It's also mobile-friendly software that can be accessed from anywhere. New employees can be set up with WorkBright in as little as one minute. It sends new hires important documents via email for a quick turnaround. 

Craft an Effective First-Day Experience With Onboarding Software

Many companies use various types of management software, and onboarding software can be a game-changer. Employee performance management, benefits administration, and applicant tracking systems are examples of critical features that should be included in business software, as they can all be greatly beneficial for organizations of all sizes and types.

Employee retention is an important part of doing business in today's competitive markets. When organizations hire new, qualified candidates, setting them up for success with preboarding and an intuitive onboarding experience can help improve retention rates and prevent resignations. 


Author Bio: This article is written by our marketing team at HR Cloud. HR Cloud is dedicated to providing powerful solutions for your HR teams and creating an exceptional employee experience. Our aim is to help your company improve employee engagement, onboarding, and to save you valuable time!

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