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during COVID-19

  • We can get you up and running in 3 days or less
  • You’ll have priority access to our customer success team
  • Centralized communication tools for remote workers

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An employee experience platform perfect for remote teams
Working from home
Keep communications going

Workmates provides easy, but effective, communications tools to make sure all of your employees are fully informed, even during these difficult times.

Mobile app
Real collaboration starts now

With familiar, intuitive tools, such as a personalized newsfeed, chat, and mobile app, your employees will be fully productive, right from the start.

Happy employees
A services approach focused on results

We realize time is critical. Our services teams can get you deployed quickly so you can focus on what's really important: running your business.

Keep remote employees close

Workmates was designed from the ground up to improve communication and collabration with all employees, especially remote, geographically dispersed teams. With Workmates, every employee has access to all the information they need to do their job at all times.

Keep remote employees close
Focus on employee engagement

It's a challenging time, and it's natural that many employees may have questions and concerns that go well beyound "work as usual". Workmates lets you create specific channels or announcements to broadcast important updates and keep employees as informed as possible. We also offer powerfull analytics to measure adoption and use.

Employee engagement analytics
Let's do this together

We realize now is the time to help each other as much as possible. We'we changed our service team's priorities and overall capacity to get you up and running on Workmates as quickly as possible.
It may be a little while before we get back to normal, but Workmates can make things easier.

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Workmates ebook
Workmates Features Ebook

A detailed look at all of the features and capabilities available in Workmates will show you how employee engagement, communication, and rewards & recognition will never be the same.

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