A Guide to Integrating Employee Engagement Platforms With ADP Canada

Apr 23, 2021
A Guide to Integrating Employee Engagement Platforms With ADP Canada
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The Canada Human Resource Center issued a report that showed that 60% of Canadian employees are disengaged. Unhappy workers result in lost productivity. This costs North American businesses over $350 billion every year.

This is a staggering figure. But the great news is that there are many human resources information systems (HRIS) that help to improve employee engagement. This new digital landscape means limitless access to HR platforms for more effective human capital management

This includes tools to help with:

Industry leaders such as ADP Canada, have mastered the ability to provide small, midsized, or large businesses with effective HR solutions. These tools help you keep your employees happy.

Read on to learn more about these solutions and how you can implement them in your own business.

Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more productive. Businesses with higher productivity levels are better positioned to be more profitable. Here are a few ways to improve employee engagement in your organization:

Long-Term Strategies


Get It Right From the Start - Make a great first impression with an effective onboarding process for your new hires.

Train Managers to Engage Well - Your managers are the first point of contact for employees. Workers will rate an organization's engagement based on daily interaction with their managers. Have your managers trained in employee engagement best practices. It will help them empower and connect with their team.

Develop Your Employees - Let your employees know that you care about their development. Provide training opportunities that they can use in their current roles. But that can also help them advance to higher positions within the organization.

Assess and Improve Processes - Assessing processes will help to better streamline them. It will also eliminate inefficiencies. 

Be Flexible - Establish flexible work schedules to promote better work/life balance.


Short-Term Strategies


Reinforce Your Core Values - Inspire your employees by reinforcing your company values and mission. This will also help to set the tone for the culture of your organization.

Engage Management - Model how employee engagement should look. Provide the example that your managers can follow. They can then implement it with their direct reports.

Provide Employees With Feedback - Feedback is the best way to let employees know how they are doing. Employees who receive feedback also tend to experience higher levels of engagement. 

Let Your Employees Provide You With Feedback - Find out about engagement by asking. You can do this through employee engagement surveys. They provide an opportunity for employees to be candid. They will let you know what helps to keep them engaged and the things that don't.

Recognize and Reward Good Work - Recognition and rewards help to keep employees engaged. They will also want to do more for the organization.

Engagement Solutions by ADP Canada 

These strategies seem easy enough, but you might be wondering where's the best place to start. HRCloud provides employee engagement solutions that can improve business results. They have integrated some of their solutions with the ADP Workforce platform.

HRCloud's integration with ADP and the ADP Marketplace will give your employees easy access to Workmates and Onboard solutions. If your business already uses ADP Workforce you can access HRCloud's payroll and HR options.


HR Cloud and ADP Workforce onboarding integration can help you get things right from the start. This amazing onboarding tool provides new employees with an easy-to-use self-service system. They can feel welcomed and 'at home' as they create their employee profile.

You can also create personalized portals. This will give them access to all their important HR documents. It also facilitates integration with ADP's payroll system. This ensures employee payments are accurate and on time.


Workmates allows real-time communication and collaboration with employees. It facilitates remote teams and allows you to recognize and reward employees. You can integrate your ADP data into this platform as well. 

This single platform allows you to share company news and create communities. You can share important project information and connect with employees regardless of their location. Workmates can help you to improve employee engagement. It increases job satisfaction, employee morale, and productivity.

The Perfect Solution

What's the ideal human capital management solution for businesses?

  • ADP's wider range of payroll and tax software solutions

  • HRCloud's employee engagement products

These are the only tools you need to help your employees reach their full potential.

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Benefits of Having Engaged Employees

Employee engagement increases productivity. High productivity affects any organization's bottom line. But there are many other benefits of having engaged employees.

  • Increased Sales - Better customer service, quality, and productivity lead to more sales

  • Higher Stock Price - This is a natural result of higher productivity and sales

  • Greater Employee Safety - Employees that are more connected with their workplace will be more aware of their surroundings

  • Better Quality Products - Employees who care will want to produce high-quality products

  • Better Employee Health - When employees exercise more and eat healthier. This leads to less obesity and chronic diseases

  • Better Customer Service - Employees who care will want to provide optimal service to customers

  • Happier, More Content Employees - Recognition helps to motivate employees

  • Better Customer Service - Engaged employees care about their jobs and their customers

  • Greater Employee Satisfaction - Employees feel better about their jobs

  • Greater Employee Loyalty - Employees will stay at an organization where they feel successful and challenged by the work they do

  • Better Employee Work/Life Balance - Positive experiences at work spill over to the home

  • Higher Employee Retention Rates - Employees don't stay at an organization where they are unhappy

  • Lower Employee Absenteeism - Due to dedicated employees

Employee Engagement Made Easy

There is a reason why it is said that people are a company's most important resource. Employee engagement is crucial to the success of any company. Today's digital landscape facilitates better engagement with employees. 

The right platform can make the implementation of employee engagement strategies easier. ADP Canada has combined their experience with HR Cloud's globally recognized platform. It seamlessly integrates with ADP solutions providing a complete employee engagement system.

Contact us to request a demo. Learn more about the full range of HRCloud products, our business solutions, including ADP integration we can provide for your business.


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