Aug 22 2019

6 Tips for Managing Remote Employees in a Modern Enterprise

In the digital age, there are many things that have become the “norm” that were not available even ten years ago—for example, GPS wasn’t added to mobile phones until 2008 when Apple’s iPhone 3G came out. Can you imagine getting anywhere without your phone today? Technological advances benefit all areas of expertise, including human resources. They give us the tools to make tasks increasingly easier, more convenient, and more efficient in both our personal and professional lives. 


When there are areas that are increasingly automated, streamlined, and improved for communication, it makes for happier HR professionals and employees alike. In the past, the ability to work from home did not exist as a feasible option for the vast majority of workers. Now that the digital era has made it possible for so many people across the world to telecommute, the issue of managing remote employees has become a new challenge for HR staff. 

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Aug 20 2019

Why Effective Internal Communication Is Essential for Enterprises

Anyone who has ever worked at a corporation knows that while the ability to work independently is necessary, working well with a team is crucial. Every enterprise is made up of multiple team members, each with a different specialization. If too many employees are thinking of themselves as a one-man-show, the company is going to have a problem.

It is said that a team is only as good as the sum of its parts. When there is a weak link in the chain, it can cause a bottleneck. This, in turn, impedes good work. Effective collaboration within groups and between departments is what ultimately continues to make all the cogs turn in the “machine” that is your business. 


Successful internal communication moves things forward daily and is one of the biggest things that affects your bottom line for the year. If you want a great workflow and to avoid unnecessary slowdowns, you and your employees need to strive for an environment where everyone works well collaboratively.


Discover why enterprises need to understand, adapt, and create a strategy around internal communication. This guide explains how internal enterprise communication has evolved, why it’s essential, how to create a cohesive strategy, and which platforms support this infrastructure.


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Jul 09 2019

8 Recruitment Stats You Need to Know

Competition for top talent is fierce. In order for your company to win the hiring game, your HR department needs to know the top recruitment stats and how to capitalize on them. The information in this blog will help you do that. Ready?

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Jun 25 2019

How to Incorporate Company Culture into Your Organizations Onboarding Process

First impressions are incredibly important for many reasons, but the main reason is that they can have a lasting impact on an individual’s long-term perception of a person or thing. This concept is true for most social situations and experiences, but none more so than when it comes to a new employee’s first impression of his or her new job and company. What’s crucial is that in most cases a person’s first impression is solidified during the onboarding process or at times much earlier.

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Jun 21 2019

HR Cloud and LoanBuddy Work Together to Conquer Student Loan Debt

HR Cloud and LoanBuddy are joining forces to offer a robust solution to the student loan debt problem. Currently there are 43 Million borrowers with more than $1.6 Trillion in federal student loans, that’s ⅓ of all workers in the USA. The companies have formed an alliance to offer a comprehensive student loan wellness app with a NO COST 1st YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to qualified employers who want to offer their employees the advantage of student loan benefits

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Apr 04 2019

Uniting A Dispersed Workforce With A Company Intranet

The primary purpose a company intranet is to keep the public from accessing information and services that are only meant for a business and its employees. However, there is another important purpose the intranet serves which is to unite a dispersed workforce in an organization. Here is a look into the company intranet and how useful it can be in any company.

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