Feb 19 2020
Struggling to Unify Your Work Teams? Here's How Technology Helps

Struggling to Unify Your Work Teams? Here's How Technology Helps

The success of any business is contingent on its ability to unite its people toward a singular vision. For businesses with a burgeoning workforce or customer base, especially, your ability to stay connected in your work—across departments, throughout leadership hierarchies and with fellow colleagues—is the best way to ensure continued success as you grow. 


Human Resources departments, in particular, play a crucial role in unifying their work teams. As the bridge connecting every auxiliary department within the organization, HR professionals are often the only people who actively communicate with others outside of their own department. But when you’re already bridled with your day-to-day work, the added responsibility of maintaining a united front is, to say the least, a daunting task. 


That’s why many HR professionals today have resorted to better technology to aid them in their journey toward a more unified work front. We’ve taken some time to list some recent technology innovations to help you learn more about how these services can enable a more connected workforce across your entire company.


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Feb 10 2020

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Employee Recognition

Recognizing the hard work of your employees is certainly on every HR to-do list – however, it often gets relegated to the very bottom of that list, as more important and more high-pressure tasks take over.

However, what most of us fail to realize is that employee recognition is just what the doctor ordered: it improves engagement, as 69% of employees claim they would work harder if they felt they were appreciated more; it lowers turnover rates, as companies who have an employee recognition program see a 31% lower voluntary turnover rate; and it boosts employee morale and involvement, as 90% of employees in companies with established rewards systems feel their work makes a difference.

It becomes clear why one of your 2020 company goals should be establishing (if you haven’t already), improving and implementing an employee recognition program, no excuses.

Here are 5 effective ways to do it:


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Feb 03 2020

7 Tips on How to Manage and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict is not a strange thing for people. Human beings experience it in their day-to-day lives – with their friends, families, and more so their professional lives. In the workplace, conflict causes a massive degree of frustration, pain, discomfort, sadness, as well as anger. It is a normal life aspect. In the world of today, organizations hire employees from diverse geographical locations with dissimilar cultural and intellectual backgrounds, as well as various viewpoints. In a working environment where people have disparate outlooks toward the same problems, disagreements are bound to happen.


Conflicts are inevitable in a person’s day-to-day life. And when they happen, the idea is not to try preventing them but rather resolving and managing them in an effective manner. When people use the appropriate tools of resolution to address issues, they will be able to keep their differences from rising to major problems. “Establishing conflict management processes in a company is fundamental as it helps reduce conflict instances among employees,'' says Casper Hansen, an expert in resume writing from Resumethatworks. Conflict resolution is integral in the corporate world as it helps to distinguish a good business from a bad one. So, as a business owner, what steps should you follow to resolve a conflict? Well, below are some ways through which you can manage and resolve conflict in the workplace

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Jan 28 2020

5 Remarkable Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in the Workplace?

Improving employee engagement is something any human resources manager can struggle with, but only those who work hard can deliver. We believe that this problem should be addressed in a complex way, so we want to show you why and how you should increase your employees engagement.

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Jan 22 2020

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees More Engaged at Work

Many companies have struggled with employee engagement at some point in their growth. It can be a difficult task when some employees are naturally introverted, too busy with work, or disconnected completely.

Employee engagement is essential to the growth and development of any company. If your employees are regularly disengaged, they won’t feel a deep connection to their job or your business. This can lead to low employee retention rates and even lower productivity rates.

Luckily, it’s not impossible to boost employee engagement if you take practical measures to enhance their overall employee experience. Here are five simple steps to make your employees more engaged at work.

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Jan 13 2020

7 Ways to Update Your Outdated Employee Performance Review Process

How well is your current employee performance review process working? 

More specifically, does your process really give employees the information, feedback, and motivation they need to improve their performance? Or could it inadvertently be contributing to poor communication, low morale, and disengaged employees that are likely to leave your company?

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