Oct 15 2019

How to Choose the Perfect Human Resources System for YOUR Organization

What do human resources information systems (HRIS) do, and what benefits do they provide? More importantly, what factors should you consider when evaluating the many HRIS systems and vendors to find the one that’s right for you?


It can be a confusing landscape to understand and navigate. To help, we created this blog article to break down HRIS systems. We’ll present an overview of HRIS software, describe what today’s solutions can do, highlight the many benefits they provide, and list the specific features and capabilities you should consider to make the right choice for your company.

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Oct 08 2019

How High Effective Organizations Craft the Perfect Employee Engagement Survey

Every organization could use a boost in employee engagement. However, not every company knows the best ways to make improvements. So why not ask the employees themselves? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to crafting an employee engagement survey that will help your company bring about positive change in your organization through increased engagement.

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Sep 26 2019
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3 Company Intranet Examples and Why They Work to Improve Company Culture

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a corporate intranet by now. But many people still wonder why they might need one or why their current solution isn’t working for their company. You may be surprised to learn that modern internet solutions have evolved beyond traditional webpage frameworks to offer more functionality and deliver a wide range of new benefits.

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Sep 19 2019

11 Expert Employee Engagement Ideas: Get Your Team Deeply Involved

When done right, employee engagement results in each member of a company giving their best. When engaged at work, employees are committed to the company mission and values and naturally driven to contribute toward company-wide success.

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Sep 10 2019

How to Establish an Effective Employee Recognition Program that Delivers Results

Employee engagement is so much more than just a “nice-to-have” item on HR’s wish list. Rather, it’s proven to be a very real business metric in areas such as productivity, employee retention, and financial performance. According to the Aon 2018 Global Employee Engagement Trends Report, companies with high levels of engagement (65% or greater) even outperform the stock market, posting total shareholder returns 22% higher than the average. Alternatively, companies with low engagement (45% or less) have total shareholder returns that are 28% lower than average.

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Aug 30 2019

4 Benefits to Social Intranet Software for Your Company

Company intranets have been a part of corporate life since the mid 90's. But in the last half decade or so, they've evolved to include many social, relationship-building features. Naturally, the merit of these developments is hotly debated.


While we can all agree that strong company relationships are important, how these relationships are developed is a point of contention. Is social intranet software a productivity killer, or an important business tool?


In this blog post we'll explore exactly what social intranet software is, the four main benefits it provides, and whether or not your company should invest in this type of application.

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