7 Step Recruitment Marketing Action Plan To Hire Candidates

Jul 22, 2021
7 Steps Recruitment Marketing Action Plan To Hire Candidates
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In the hiring market, some challenges can arise at any moment. To overcome this challenge, the recruiter needs to have a recruitment marketing action plan.

Great recruiters can hire candidates at the right time. These employees will have an impact on your organization. Hiring great job seekers takes time, and a working recruitment marketing strategy is a must to find the best candidates. 

The need for a recruitment marketing action plan is necessary because being a recruiter is quite hard to fill the job vacancies in this candidate-driven job market. These days candidates are aware and they control which company to choose and work for. 

With a lot of companies looking out for the same candidates, one needs to have the right recruitment plan in place. Building a rounded strategy is what every recruiter is looking for.

This blog post will focus on how to build an effective recruitment marketing action plan. You will be able to use it in action immediately and begin attracting great candidates. 

#1. First, Define Your Goals

The primary goal of any company is to build a team that is efficient and works toward the company culture. The overall goal of your recruitment marketing action plan is to hire the candidates, and for that, you need to follow the SMART approach. It goes like this:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Achievable

R: Realistic

T: Timely

You need to define specific goals that are measured. Here are common recruitment marketing goals that include: 

  • Improve candidate engagement

  • Improve employer brand awareness

  • Get more candidates

  • Get more career site visitors

  • Increase in the referral rate

And more. 

#2. Recognize The Candidate Persona

A recruitment plan without knowing your ideal candidate audience is a sure shot recipe for disaster. One needs to understand the importance of the candidate persona. The candidate persona includes everything you are looking for in the candidates. Every company can have different requirements for specific candidates. 

As a recruiter, you need to stay in touch with all the necessary departments in your organization. You need to keep every team in the loop and ask them about the metrics they need in a candidate. It will keep you updated on the customer portrait and get some tips about it. 

Keep in mind what your team lacks and write down the insights. Does your team require a single player or a team player? Like you can narrow down your search and when you understand what you need. It would be easier to get rid of CVs that don't suit the company culture and the expectation of the job profile. 


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#3.  Have An Employer Brand

A recruiter knows that they are in the market, and not only the company chooses the candidates, the candidates also select the right company. You should know why you are the best choice and what extra you can offer to the candidates. Here are some ways you can improve the employer brand: 

  • Nurture your culture: Sharing your company’s work culture with candidates is a sure-shot way to improve the employer brand. 

  • Embrace technology: The use of tools present at your career site is beneficial for candidates, it increases the speed of the hiring process. Take help of chatbots, CRMs, and HRMs

  • Treat candidates like your customers: Candidate experience is a vital factor during the recruitment process. Every candidate likes a seamless recruitment experience. The company needs to ensure every candidate gets a feedback email after the interview. 

#4.   Use Tools To Cultivate The Talent Supply

Candidates find job offers in both traditional and modern ways, the latter gets used more. The candidates with the desired skills are selective about which opportunities they are looking to pursue. Therefore, making it easier for the candidates is the right strategy to follow, do it on your social media channels and in which candidates can apply easily. 

Use shorter applications that are prefield and use text messaging to recruit. You can rely on AI-enhanced recruitment trends to make it faster and easier for the candidates to apply to your company and move ahead with the process. 

AI technologies help to automate manual and administrative tasks in the process enabling the recruiters to build the relationship and have a positive candidate experience. 

#5. Consider The Role Of Social Media

Modern social media platforms play a vital role to communicate with audiences. Almost everyone uses the internet to stay connected with people. One should build the strategy around it. 

The next step is to choose the right platform for your social media recruitment strategy. It will help you to target potential candidates. Some of them are ideal, for example, if you need a developer, you can leverage Linkedin for this task. Linkedin will serve a better purpose to source out the passive candidate. There are plenty of job boards present that you can utilize for hiring candidates

You can use Facebook and Instagram to increase the brand awareness of your company. These two platforms are ideal for building your community by sharing content that is useful to the candidates.

Another thing you can focus on is building a social media career page, this way you will ensure that the candidates stay up to date with the job posting in your company and they can apply directly from your company’s social media account. 

#6. Focus On Building The Internal Talent Pool

Promoting employees internally helps the company to solve the conundrum to hire candidates at a rapid pace and fill the open positions. It’s the ideal way to meet the hiring demands while maintaining quality. 

Many recruiters believe that they need to hire people from different companies to improve the diversity and strengthen the company. 

Focus on your internal employees. The benefit is that you work with them every day, knowing them better. 

It’s a necessary point that one should include in their recruitment marketing action plan. Think of how you can improve the top talent pool. Here are some ways: 

  • Know employee goals early: After the candidate’s onboarding is completed, the manager needs to sit down with them and ask them about their future goals and career. 

  • Reward employees: It is ideal to ensure that you are offering opportunities to the employees that are tailored to their goals. Go with individual development programs for employees. 

  • Understand what your employee needs: Employees love to be asked what they need to improve their overall experience in the workplace. It is vital while building an internal talent pipeline. 

A recruiter can take the help of properly designed employee referral programs to maximize the internal talent pool. 

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#7. Evaluate Recruitment Marketing Results

The goals should be measurable in your recruitment marketing action plan. You need to implement your goals and see the results they are providing. 

Gather metrics that work for you and what does not work can improve your recruitment marketing plan. 

To have better results, you need to experiment. You shouldn’t proceed with the results. 

Therefore, HR teams must ensure they store and evaluate data and also track the recruitment marketing metrics. Otherwise, you will find yourself with wasted time and effort. 

Wrapping up

Hiring is challenging, but a recruiter has to make a plan accordingly. There must be one plan that one should develop constantly. The best companies take leverage of the recruitment marketing action plan and work. They make changes where it’s necessary, and they know their target audience. 

7. Ensure that employees enjoy working

Successful students spend a huge portion of their day reading and learning from the best. Employees also spend countless hours in the workplace. Therefore, you need to ensure that the workplace is a fun and enjoyable place to be for everyone. When you create an environment where employees feel comfortable working, they will be motivated to do their best. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on installing luxurious items in the workplace. You can create a conducive environment in the workplace by allowing birthday celebrations, coffee breaks and encouraging your employees to have casual and friendly conversations instead of talking about work projects all the time.

About Author: Ginni Agarwal is a Talent Acquisition Expert at Upright Human Capital with extensive experience in Tech and Non-tech hiring. She loves blogging, writing articles about Talent Acquisition, and Human resources. She has been associated with the Talent Industry for a while. She enjoys sharing her experience with others.

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