11 Best Employee Engagement Strategies that You Should Know

Aug 03, 2022
11 Best Employee Engagement Strategies that You Should Know
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We often hear that customer satisfaction is crucial to the success of any business, but it is not the only factor. Another major factor that leads to a sustainably-successful business is employee satisfaction. You might have great business ideas and all materialistic resources, but if you lack a motivated workforce, half the battle is lost there.

This is the primary reason why top companies use employee engagement solutions to keep their employees happy. The companies are aware that disengaged and unmotivated employees can affect productivity and cost them their reputation and resources. Also, prosperous company culture will make an employee think twice before he/she decides to leave.

According to the reports of Comparably, a company review site, Microsoft, IBM, and Google are the top three companies with the highest rated workplace culture. This pretty much explains their success rate too, right?

Indulging in employee engagement activities is important for so many reasons. It not only benefits the overall productivity of the company but also helps in developing an emotional connection between employer and employees. Implementation of employee engagement solutions are also needed for:

- Providing job satisfaction to employees thereby boosting their mental wellness

- Increase interaction and improve relations between different departments

- Helping them with overall professional development

- Imparting a sense of loyalty among employees

So if you have noticed lately that your office desk has too many resignations, then perhaps your employees aren’t happy with your company. Hence, it’s time to consider inculcating employee engagement strategies. Here, we have discussed the 11 best strategies which can help employers improve their work environment, improve employee engagement and therefore, improve work culture and work quality.

1) Connect Through Communication

There are dedicated customer centers for listening to the grievances of the customers, but how often is it done for employees? Employers must remember that communication is the key to trust. They should remember that their employees have a personal life to take care of too. There may be too many people in your office who find it hard to strike a work-life balance.

Keep separate communication channels to connect with employees at a personal level. You can have a counselor in your office or maybe a separate email address where employees can communicate their personal problems. Your employee may learn how to use an SPF checker and implement email security practices to keep their data safe. Employers can also go for instant messaging solutions where they can personally connect with employees and let them know that their company stands with them through thick and thin.

2) Give them a Creative License

It’s true that every office has its own set of rules and codes of conduct, but when it comes to creativity, employers should become a little more flexible there. Developers, designers, content creators, marketers, or animators – artists work best when their creativity is not confined by strict rules.

While it is necessary for employees to stick to certain guidelines, especially when working on clients’ projects, giving them some creative license can actually work wonders. When you allow them to turn on their artistic side, it shows that you trust them with their abilities, hence encouraging employees to give their best shot.

3) Plan Get Together(s)

How about a movie day or a dinner night or a seminar on personality development or maybe an inter-departmental contest? Planning get-together events at least once a fortnight will raise the work-culture vibes. Plan for a movie day or a lunch day where food is on the house. You can even keep short programs like comedy nights or skill development seminars.

These events will not only take some load off their minds but will also enable colleagues to know each other better. It will encourage interactivity, connectivity and will improve relations between your employees.

4) Keep Flexible Working Hours

One of the most drastic changes that COVID has brought is rupturing the conventional ways of work. Having flexible working hours is no longer a ‘comfort’ feature for organizations; in fact, it’s a necessity. With many of the population having health issues, companies can no longer expect employees to be physically present within fixed hours. There are other factors too. Some may be single parents working hard to take care of their kids while others may have aged parents to look after.

Women especially need the facility of working from home given their hectic routine. Most organizations have already made arrangements for flexibility in working hours and others are working on it. So if your company hasn’t done it yet, then it’s time to commence. But you need to ensure that your company has the strategy to support remote work options as improper planning and infrastructure can lead to disruption in the workflow.

5) Recognize Good Work

In 2017, Forbes published a report in which it highlighted research data. The data stated that 66% of employees were most likely to quit a company where they felt unappreciated. Handing out personal appreciation emails or forwarding good words to clients is okay, but as an employer, you need to recognize the sincere efforts of people who help make your business profitable.

You can start by publicly rewarding them. Plan surprises by showcasing the good work to the rest of the employees. In the Hollywood movie ‘Intern’, Anne Hathaway’s office recognized an employee’s hard work by ringing a bell and the entire office staff cheering for the person. The employee would then be given special services for the entire day. Now that is what you call appreciation.

6) Carry Out Random Celebrations

Celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and personal achievements are all good but don’t stick strictly to the dates. Carrying out random celebrations is sure to perk up the mood of your employees. There are plenty of other meaningful dates which can make for good celebrations. Right from World Health Day to Earth Day, there’s a day for practically everything.

You can choose to honor the hard-working mothers of your office and present them with something special on Mother’s Day; or, why not celebrate the milestones achieved by your company’s female employees on Women’s Day? The point is to pick any of these dates at random and choose to celebrate in unique ways which will make for enjoyable and memorable moments for your employees.

7) Take Feedback Seriously

Companies can try their best to make their employees feel at ease, but there are always scopes for improvement. Feedback surveys are easy yet effective methods of finding those areas. Prior to appraisal, almost every company makes their employees go through a rigorous evaluation mechanism to measure their genuine efforts and results. But showing them that you do care about their opinions can make them feel important.

Most managers care for feedback only when there seems to be a problem at hand. This can make employees feel like a cog in the machine. That’s why it is important to conduct an employee engagement survey at least once a month and receive feedback. But do take it seriously and address any problem that might be hindering their well-being for this will show them that they indeed matter to their organization as an individual.

 8) Organize Extra-curricular Contests

Team-building is the key to boosted performance. Remember, a company is all about teamwork which is why it is important that all departments in your office and their team members should have proper coordination between them. One way to acquire and amplify team-building is by conducting extra-curricular contests.

Keep contests that require employees to work in groups. It can be anything – cooking contests, volleyball matches, indoor games, fencing competitions or even dancing competitions, but in groups of course. These activities offer simple, clean fun but this fun lays the foundation for bonding and building long-term relationships.

9) Offer Growing Opportunities

A LinkedIn survey report published in 2018 showed that 94% of employees were likely to stay in companies that invested in their career development and offered them all-around development opportunities. It would be a good idea to offer mentorship programs and reduce the friction between working and learning for your employees.

The digital world is always in a transitional state, and employees are always in search of betterment. But peer work pressure often outruns their desire to learn and grow. So if you can help them with that, they’re sure to stick around for a longer duration.

10) Relaxation Breaks

Every enterprise dreams of becoming a tycoon one day, but one can also argue that not everyone can become a Microsoft or Apple, or Google. True that. Some of the engagement strategies do require incurring extra expenses which might not be feasible for start-ups or small and medium-sized businesses. But, what is possible for them is to offer relaxation breaks to employees.

Refreshments, indoor board games, or maybe a small library – these relaxation breaks act as gestures of good faith for your employees. They convey that you’re at least trying to offer them some comfort in the midst of all the work pressure.

11) Allow to Revamp Their Space

Some like to decorate their workspace with vibrant displays of colours while others like a more neat and contemporary look. Nonetheless, companies should allow employees to redecorate their work space in their own unique ways. Once again, you can have some rules, but enabling them to personalize their cubicle will make them feel connected and will help them stay jovial. A dull and boring desk with nothing but a rectangle screen and few stationery is certainly going to dim their work aura.

Take Away

The perimeters and parameters of work culture are changing and both employers and employees will be wise to remember that for survival, they need to stay together, work together in harmony and have respect for each other. The bottom line is that employee engagement strategies will not only help employers with the onboarding process of keeping sincere and hard-working people with them but will also help in garnering mutual respect, trust, and reverence for each other.


About Author:

Albert Smith is digital marketing manager at Hidden Brains, a leading mobile & web application development company specializing in mobile & web applications. He provides innovative ways to help tech companies, startups and large enterprises build their brand.

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