9 Ways to Show Gratitude for Remote Workers

May 28, 2021
9 Ways to Show Gratitude for Remote Workers in 2021
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COVID-cases have been on the rise in recent months. And the transition to remote work is becoming permanent for most organizations around the world. Organizations like Hewlett Packard have implemented the semi-permanent remote work policy that will extend till the end of the year while others like Twitter have promised their employees permanent remote work. 

These changes have made organizations that are struggling to appreciate their remote workers who feel isolated and alienated in their new working environment. In this article, are going to share with you nine creative ideas to show your remote workers gratitude to inspire and motivate them to keep on keeping on. Let’s get started!


1. Provide equipment for remote work

One of the best ways to appreciate remote workers is by providing them with equipment that will allow them to work and achieve their daily goals easily. Most remote workers suffer from neck and back pain and bad posture due to poor working conditions at home. And this negatively impacts their health over time. 

Your organization can fight these health issues by providing essential office equipment that alleviates stress. Start by creating a list of work from home equipment that your employees will need. And send it out to them to ensure that you don’t miss any important equipment. After receiving their requests, have the equipment shipped to their places of work directly. This will not only boost employee engagement but also cut healthcare costs in the future.


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2. Give your remote workers a long weekend

There’s nothing better than being surprised at the end of the week. Since your employees had been used to working together, working from home alone can wear them down. Therefore, you should consider requesting your employees to send extra work to the essay writer as you give them a long weekend. This is one of the best ways to reward them for their hard work while giving them time to spend with their loved ones, relax and relieve stress before the next workweek.

A long weekend is important for employees who balance housework, childcare or feel overwhelmed with the stressful cycles of life. Research studies have shown that the human brain has not been built to receive tragedies at the scale that we do now. Therefore, offering a few days off for remote employees feeling overwhelmed is one of the best ways to appreciate them and boost their performance.

3. Send them flowers

You should let your remote employees know that you care about them by sending flowers to celebrate special occasions. This is a great employee appreciation idea if your remote worker is celebrating a birthday or work anniversary remotely. Achieving these milestones at home can be easily ignored. However, a small gesture of appreciation from the organization’s management goes a long way in combating feelings of isolation.


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4. Food delivery and takeout discounts

Food delivery has been rising since the pandemic set in. The majority of employees are staying at home to protect themselves and their families. And most people are running out of recipes to try out with their loved ones at home. Cooking meals can be exhausting every night especially for parents who are balancing between working from home and childcare as part of their workday. One of the best ways to show appreciation for employees who put in extra hours is by offering them discounts and credit to food delivery apps and giving local restaurants gift cards. 

This will not only help in relieving stress for your employees but also restaurants that require support during the pandemic. Research studies have shown that the number of seated diners has declined by 64 percent in restaurants due to restrictions imposed by governments and health authorities. While the decline is necessary for public health safety, restaurants should take drastic measures to continue operating as they wait for dining rooms to be reopened. Takeout orders and gift cards are allowing them to stay in business.


5. Game nights and virtual happy hours

One of the best ways to demonstrate employee appreciation is by setting virtual happy hours once the workday is over. Your employees can catch up on what’s happening, play games together or have a glass of wine or water. You need to check out some of the games that employees can play as they catch up. A popular one is Skribbl. Skribbl is a drawing game where twelve players can choose several words and use their mouse to draw. 

The first person to guess the word gets extra points. At the end of the game, all the points are tallied and players are ranked based on the number of words that they guess correctly and the time they took to guess the words based on the drawing of the player. Another game that you should check out is QuizUp. QuizUp offers several subjects therefore, employees can have a chance to shine by answering questions in their category. Host a trivia night and include all your employees to test their knowledge.

6. Acknowledge achievements on video calls

Research studies have shown that public recognition is one of the best ways to appreciate your employees. Since employees are working from home, public recognition has been difficult. One great idea to appreciate employees is to recognize the efforts of an employee on a video call. You can do this verbally, using a slide presentation or displaying stats by assignment help on how the employee is performing exceptionally well. Another great way to acknowledge achievements is by highlighting them in social feeds on Facebook or Twitter.


7. Create a virtual group club

If your employees are interested in writing, one of the best ways to show appreciation to amazing remote employees is by creating a virtual group club. Employees enjoy socializing about their favorite books. And you can encourage this by setting up a recurring calendar invite each month to talk about books and provide rewards for employees who’ve completed the reading of this month. You can create an internal channel that is focused on the books that your employees are reading and assign the book club for next month.

8. Personalize recognition for hardworking employees

All successful managers know that employee recognition should be specific. A good idea to appreciate employees is sending personalized recognition to employees who have been helpful, responsive, and performing well now that your organization has transitioned to remote work. 

A great way to send personalized recognition is by using a recognition and reward platform where you can write customized messages of appreciation to employees acknowledging their hard work which will be published on the organization's social media page for others to see. You can make the recognition private if you want. The most important thing is being specific and detailed about what your employees are doing well. This reinforces positive behavior and encourages them to work harder You can include other gifts along with your recognition such as gift cards or redeemable points.

9. Write a recommendation on LinkedIn

This is one of the simplest and most effective employee appreciation ideas. It only takes around five minutes of your day to write a good LinkedIn recommendation for a top-performing employee. Anyone who views their profile will read recommendations since they are meaningful and come from the management. This effort not only shows how much you care but also boosts employee morale. A public professional endorsement helps employees stay dedicated to their work.

Bonus Tips:

11. Start a virtual wellness program

Another great way to appreciate employees during the pandemic is by starting a virtual wellness program. Starting a virtual wellness program demonstrates that you care about your employee’s health and wellbeing during difficult times and gives you the chance to reward them. When creating a wellness program, you need to set wellness and fitness goals. For instance, you can set a goal of exercising for fifteen or twenty minutes and meditating for a few minutes before sleeping. 

Goals on wellness need not be be extravagant – you want to encourage remote workers to use simple methods. Next, create a budget and establish the rewards of your program. You can use a recognition and rewards program to distribute the rewards. Your wellness program needs to have a built-in rewards system where employees can earn points for reaching their goals in exchange for experiences and items. 

Employees will enjoy the rewards they receive from the program and the motivation to stay healthy while working remotely.

12. Gift your employees’ pets

This is one of the ideas that will completely surprise your employees. Gifting a pet is unexpected but one of the things that will delight them. Send your employees a package filled with treats and toys for their pets. Your employees will never forget this nice gesture.


Remote workers are a valuable asset for every successful business especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Recognizing and appreciating your employees will help in boosting engagement levels and retaining hard workers in the long run. 

About Author: Ashley Simmons is a professional journalist and essay writer at best essay writing service and essay help uk. She has been working in a newspaper in Salt Lake City for 4 years. She is also a content writing expert in such topics as psychology, modern education, business, and marketing innovations. She is a master in her craft.


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