Streamlining Your Onboarding Process for New Hires: Essential Steps
Streamlining Your Onboarding Process for New Hires: Essential Steps

Essential Tips to Help You Navigate the New World of Remote Working

More organizations are moving towards remote working due to the COVID-19

Why a Better Employee Experience Tools More Important Than Ever

COVID-19 has changed everything about today’s workforce, including where they

Onboarding Remotely: Tips and Tricks to Smooth the Process

The coronavirus pandemic has complicated the hiring process for many businesses.

Employee Referrals in Tech: All You Need to Know

Nowadays, hiring the right developer is not the easiest nut to crack. Recruiters

The C.O.P.E. Approach: 4 Ways to Make Working from Home Easier for Your Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working the only way to keep many

A Closer Look at HR Cloud-ADP Integrations

Months into the Coronavirus pandemic, organizations are continuing to feel the

7 Ways To Manage Remote Workers

Remote work is already a haven for employees and freelancers. As a manager,

3 Tips to Make Your Next Employee Meeting Meaningful and Memorable

Managing people—especially in an organization — requires a level of social,

6 HR Challenges to Managing Remote Teams—and How to Avoid Them

6 Remote Work Challenges for HR

This blog article focuses on 6 challenges HR

8 Simple Steps For Awesome Remote Onboarding in 2020

Employee onboarding is one of the most important aspects of successful business

Four Tips that Can Help Improve Your Staff’s Productivity

The key to any successful business is a hard-working team. Without a dedicated

6 Signs That the Future of Work Is Here Today

“A great overview by Gigster CEO Chris Keene on how the gig economy is

Tips to Onboard, Manage and Engage Remote Workers

When a company hires a new employee, there is always a chance they may not take

Team development: Are we so busy? We’re not achieving?

We all have odd days where we’re spinning so many plates that they all come

Best Ways to Manage Your Team While Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a lot of disruptions in every workplace

The Remote Workforce is the New Normal. Are You Ready?

Working remotely has been on the rise for several years, but COVID-19 has flipped

7 Steps to Ensure High Employee Engagement in Your Organization

Business organizations across the globe aim towards the attainment of absolute

What HR leaders must include in employee wellness programs

Top of the headlines across the world these days is just one matter: COVID-19.

What is the best way to Engage in a Virtual Team?

A virtual environment is a promising ambiance to allow individuals to become

3 Ways Employee Mobile Apps Can Help with Crisis Communications

Your employees are anxious and looking for clear communications to understand how

Next Level of Leaders employee appreciation

Leadership and employee appreciation go hand in hand. Great leaders are keen to

Why Remote Workers Are the Best Option for Your Business: Nine Reasons

These are challenging times, and unfortunately, for businesses, it is probably

11 Ways to Maintain a Work-Life Balance When Working Remotely

Working remotely is an increasingly viable option for many professionals in the

4 Best Employee Engagement Strategies to Use In 2020

It should come as no surprise that employees who don’t feel engaged with the work

5 tips to Improve Company Culture

An organization’s company culture is something that every employee looks at.

Why Is Employee Recognition So Important?

To embrace effectiveness in your job, you ought to understand and comprehend the

How Employee Advocacy helps you attract and recruit top talent

Did you know that the people already employed at your workplace can prove to be

Struggling to Unify Your Work Teams? Here's How Technology Helps

The success of any business is contingent on its ability to unite its people

5 Best Ways to Improve Your Employee Recognition

Recognizing the hard work of your employees is certainly on every HR to-do list –

7 Tips on How to Manage and Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Conflict is not a strange thing for people. Human beings experience it in their

5 Remarkable Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in the Workplace?

Improving employee engagement is something any human resources manager can

5 Ways to Keep Your Employees More Engaged at Work

Many companies have struggled with employee engagement at some point in their

7 Ways to Update Your Outdated Employee Performance Review Process

How well is your current employee performance review process working? 


Tips to Make Employee Self-Evaluations an Effective Part of Your Performance Reviews

We recently published a blog article on the topic of annual performance reviews

How Employee Engagement Leads to a More Productive Workforce?

Employee engagement isn't only a buzzword invented by HR professionals to make

Investigating the Truth Behind Company Culture Myths

Company culture has been a hot topic for years now. With the rising popularity of

Streamlining Your Onboarding Process for New Hires: Essential Steps

Onboarding new employees is arguably the most important part of your business

8 Employee Engagement Strategies for Improved Workplace Environment

What makes a workplace a place of work? Is it the office premises, the machine

Your Guide to Time Off Management: Why It's Important and 3 Tips to Manage Employee Time Off Effectively

Time off management got you down? Without a proper system in place, employee time

Does Your Enterprise Have an Efficient Paid Time-Off Tracking System?

Think quick: How are your organization’s managers currently tracking paid time

An Awkward First Day

The first day at a new job. We’ve all been there, but it’s easy to forget. So

12 Reasons to Choose HR Cloud for Your Employee Onboarding Software

There just has to be a better way to onboard new hires, right? 


How to Choose the Perfect Human Resources System for YOUR Organization

What do human resources information systems (HRIS) do, and what benefits do they

How High Effective Organizations Craft the Perfect Employee Engagement Survey

Every organization could use a boost in employee engagement. However, not every

3 Company Intranet Examples and Why They Work to Improve Company Culture

Most of us are familiar with the concept of a corporate intranet by now. But many

11 Expert Employee Engagement Ideas: Get Your Team Deeply Involved

When done right, employee engagement results in each member of a company giving

How to Establish an Effective Employee Recognition Program that Delivers Results

Employee engagement is so much more than just a “nice-to-have” item on HR’s wish

4 Benefits to Social Intranet Software for Your Company

Company intranets have been a part of corporate life since the mid 90's. But in

6 Tips for Managing Remote Employees in a Modern Enterprise

In the digital age, there are many things that have become the “norm” that were

Why Effective Internal Communication Is Essential for Enterprises

Anyone who has ever worked at a corporation knows that while the ability to work

8 Recruitment Stats You Need to Know

Competition for top talent is fierce. In order for your company to win the hiring

How to Incorporate Company Culture into Your Organizations Onboarding Process

First impressions are incredibly important for many reasons, but the main reason

HR Cloud and LoanBuddy Work Together to Conquer Student Loan Debt

HR Cloud and LoanBuddy are joining forces to offer a robust solution to the

Uniting A Dispersed Workforce With A Company Intranet

The primary purpose a company intranet is to keep the public from accessing

Building Effective Rewards and Employee Recognition

It pays to be truly great at employee recognition.


Organizations with a solid

Not for #Slackers: Internal Communication Tips

Successful organizations tend to have successful internal communications.  



7 Benefits to Integrating a Company Intranet

Clear and concise communication is essential for any roll in a business, and the

Enhance your HRIS with Cultural Transformation Software

Over the past decade or so, employee engagement has become somewhat of a

Streamline E-Verify and Form I-9 in the Onboarding Process

The employment verification process can be complicated for employers, especially

Best-In-Class Onboarding is Synonymous with Elite Security

Today’s quintessential HR department is a little different than the stereotypical

How Your Onboarding Procedures Set the Tone for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement isn’t just a trending topic in HR, it’s proven to have a

Onboarding is Leading the HR Renaissance

The demand for companies to retain top talent is escalating. And, yet,

How to Calculate the ROI of Your HR Software

Is your HR software worth the investment? If you haven't performed an ROI

The Real Cost of Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is never desirable, but, unfortunately, it's becoming more

Announcing Recruit: The Latest Addition to the HR Cloud Suite

It's been said that a company is only as strong as its employees. If that's

Onboarding Best Practices: The 4 C's

As an HR professional, you're well acquainted with the practice of onboarding.

The High Cost of Paper

Paper is everywhere — especially for HR professionals. You receive and pay

What is Human Capital Management?

It's no secret that better, more prepared employees deliver superior results. But

A Guide to Writing an Outstanding Job Description

It’s ridiculously easy to copy a job description from another business, so if

Your Path to a Paperless Office

Many companies have begun their pursuit of a paperless office. How about yours?

3 Prominent Challenges Multi-State Employers Face and How to Solve Them

Is your company looking to expand and establish another office in a different

Solving the 4 Biggest HR Related Problems in the Healthcare Industry

As a HR professional in a highly regulated field such as the healthcare industry,

Let's Welcome Indeed to the HR Cloud Family!

When you think "job board," what comes to mind? If you're anything like the 200

HR Cloud Announces Partnership With UltiPro

At HR Cloud, we're always looking for ways to provide our customers with more —

HR Cloud Relaunches its Mobile HRMS App on iOS and Android

Our new HR app is here to connect you and employees like never before. Employee

The Top 4 Problems Facing HR in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is booming and all signs point to its continued growth.

3 Tips for Hiring Generation Z

They’re here. They’re barely old enough to drink beer. And they’re looking for a

9 Surprising HR Stats You Need to Know

Modern businesses are driven by analytics and the right course of action is often

HR Cloud + ZipRecruiter: A Match Made in Recruitment Heaven

After having built the number one rated job search app on both Android and iOS

Top Employee Burnout Symptoms and How to Prevent Them

Employee burnout is increasing in the American workforce. In fact, according to

4 HR Lessons from the Gig Economy

Those crazy millennials are up to it again. First, avocado toast. Now, changing

How HR Cloud Secures Your Data

Digital data security is a hot topic. With so many potential threats to your

7 Reasons Why Smart Small Businesses Invest In HR

Good employees are at the forefront of any successful business. Without them,

How to Make Recent Graduate Onboarding Smooth

The whole purpose of a HR department is quite easy to define: it’s all about

GDPR Starts Today. Here's What We've Done About It

As a global software company, HR Cloud is committed to the latest in data

All Eyes on GDPR - EU-wide policy

There’s a new era in data on the horizon.

The General Data Protection Regulation

HR Cloud Now Integrates With QuickBooks by Intuit

When it comes to business bookkeeping and payroll, QuickBooks by Intuit is the

HR Cloud Ensures Compliance with the New W-4 Form in 2018

The IRS has recently updated its Form W-4 in response to the tax code adjustments

HR Cloud the Gateway to HR Software for Small Business

If your company is anything like ours, you probably use a multitude of different

HR Cloud Onboarding Checklist

In this hyper-competitive day and age where the war for talent is raging on, now

How to Cultivate a Workplace Culture of Gratitude

Gratitude is a state of mind that has the power to transform how we live.

How to Onboard a 1099 Employee

Hiring reliable freelancers, also known as 1099 employees and independent

Tips To Choose The Right Cloud Services for Human Resources Management

How To Choose the Perfect Cloud Service For Your HR Team

Cloud services offer HR

HR Cloud and ADP Workforce Now: Integrated Onboarding

Shouldn’t HR Be Easy? 

You’ve asked yourself this as you find 2004’s W2’s in an

HR Cloud & Engagedly Team Up to Deliver Effective Onboarding

Engagedly and HR Cloud join forces to merge swift, automated onboarding with

Company Culture and the Onboarding Process

Developing and maintaining company culture is a top priority for many businesses

8 Ways to Destress At Work

You probably have a lot on your plate. Juggling multiple responsibilities while

The Marriage of WOTC and Paperless Onboarding

Life can be sweet when amazing things go naturally together. Once you’ve enjoyed

I-9 and E-Verify Compliance Made Easy

Every company is different - the products you sell, the customers you help and the

Is Your Business Entitled to Incredible Tax Breaks For Staff Members You Are Already Hiring?

Ever feel like you’re overpaying on your company’s federal income taxes? Well,

Essential Best Practices for Employee Offboarding

Off-boarding is the natural process of removing an employee from an organization,

Maximize The Benefits of Employee Self Service (ESS) with HR Cloud combined with ADP

Employee Self Service (ESS) is an available feature in most modern HRIS (Human

Simplifying Employee On-Boarding With Employee Self-Service

Managing the on-boarding process of new employees is one of the many

Transform your Entire Onboarding Process with Form Builder inside HR Cloud

Your company has been trying to fill a critical position for a while now... After

HR Cloud Now Integrates with Engagedly

We're excited to announce our partnership with Engagedly; a real-time performance

What Benefits Can An FCRA Background Check Give You?

 An FCRA background check ensures that employees know their rights through the

How to Better Understand Employee Verification & Federal Compliance to Avoid Costly I-9 Civil Penalties

Form I-9 completion isn’t just a good idea to ensure that your employees are who

Off-Boarding: What to Do When It's time for Employees to Move On

Whether you have the responsibility of terminating an employee or the individual

SoftwareSuggest Showcases the Leading HR Software Available in the Market

As companies are expanding in terms of size and number, Human Resource management

HR Cloud Integrates with Applicant Tracking Software Maker COMPAS

HR Cloud is proud to announce its newest integration with COMPAS recruiting

10 Ways to Improve Team Efficiency And Productivity

According to a CareerBuilder survey, about 75 percent of employers say that more

HR Cloud Introduces Org Chart

Imagine if your HR cloud software could automatically generate a useful,

Employee Onboarding, Records and Culture in One Place

HR Cloud takes care of your team’s employee onboarding, records and culture in

HR Cloud Unveils Q3 Release to Onboard and Workmates

We have shipped many enhancements this year but we couldn’t be more excited for

HR Tech Creates a New Opportunity for PEOs

Professional Employee Organizations (PEOs) love HR technology because it runs

HR Cloud Now Available to Greenhouse Software Customers

HR Cloud has partnered with Greenhouse, an applicant tracking software maker, to

HR Cloud Streamlines New Hire Background Checking Process with Checkr Integration

HR Cloud, a leading developer of HR Software and pioneer in employee onboarding

Championing A Workmates Culture

Are you an early adopter?

Do you like discovering and utilizing new technology?

Will E-Verify Become Mandatory?

E-Verify is the government’s system for determining if people are eligible to

3 Simple Steps to Get Your Tech Team Happy

Retention is an often-overlooked part of hiring new developers. The necessity of

What's New From Workmates?

We are continually investing in our software. We're always rolling out changes

HR Cloud Releases Two Apps into the ADP Marketplace

Simple and Powerful Apps that Foster Culture and Increase Productivity

If your

HR Cloud Debuts Workmates at Collision Conference in New Orleans

 EL SEGUNDO, CA -- May 2, 2017 HR Cloud, a leading developer of HR software,

HR Cloud Supports Demo Day at USC

Partnering with Blackstone Launchpad’s event showcasing USC Student & Alumni

Connecting a Workmates Culture: Employee Retention

Conserve and Preserve Valuable Employees

Do you remember the first time you heard

Generating a Workmates Culture: Events & Polls

Streamlining Communication Between You and Your Workmates

Clear and concise

Showcasing a Workmates Culture: Work Anniversaries & Birthdays

Celebrating Your Workmates

Back in the day, in an unconnected offline

Creating a Workmates Culture: Kudos

Cultivating an Environment of Recognition

We all crave positive feedback in the

Encouraging a Workmates Culture: New Hire & Company Announcements

Sparking a Sense of Community, One Post at a Time

At some point, we’ve all been

Building Up a Workmates Culture: Leave Status

Keeping Your Workmates In The Loop

How many times have you seen a picture of a

Nurturing a Workmates Culture: Company Directory

The single biggest factor that makes a company thrive is its people. A solid

HR Cloud Social Is Now Workmates

HR Cloud Social is Now ‘Workmates’

Workmates is the new team engagement app that

The SHRM Engagement Sessions You Can’t Miss (and why)

There are more than 30 sessions at SHRM featuring employee engagement. You think

HR Trends: The Consumerization of Human Resources

According to a Gallup poll, only 32% of workers identify themselves as engaged

Understanding "Leadership BS"

Stanford professor Jeffrey Pfeffer has disturbed many managers with his new book

6 Tips to Improve Your Company Culture (and then some)

Employee turnover is one of the most vexing problems HR professionals face. But

A Surefire Way to Engage a Multi-Generational HR Team

Corporate mentoring is on the rise and in fact, 71% of Fortune 500

HR Manager Named Among Best Jobs in Recent Study

The changing HR landscape is putting HR management front and center among desired

2016 HR Technology Trends Wrap Up | Tools & Trade

With fifteen years of the 21st century now in the past, HR is poised to benefit

How Both Toxic & Productive Employees Cost You Money

Conventional wisdom holds that finding a productive employee is the Holy Grail

Engaged Employees are Healthier, Study Shows

Employers have known for some time that employee engagement is essential to the

Five Ways to Improve Productivity in HR

For business leaders, productivity is a much beloved word. But how do you improve

How to Help Your CEO Pick The Best HR Software

You're an HR manager and you know that the right HR software can streamline your

How HR Can Make Engagement Relevant to Managers

Everyone wants engaged employees. But let’s face it, when HR shows leadership an

Millennial Engagement at the Speed of a Facebook “Like”

Lying dormant inside the managers of Millennials is a super power that HR needs

Should Your Company Do a Cultural Assessment? (yes!)

Those of us who work in human resources talk about company culture a lot. A heck

5 Most Important HR Stats of 2015

We’re now nearly through 2015, so let’s look at some of the most important

HR Cloud Launches New Engagement Platform @ HR Tech

HR Cloud drew the attention of HR Tech attendees with the release of its new

Great HR is Technology-Driven HR (see why that's true)

I had a conversation with a colleague the other day about the upcoming HR

So You Want Productive Employees? Here's How To Do It.

A recent Forbes article fills us in on the secret of ultra-productive people.

Building a Big Employment Brand in a Small Company

HR leaders know that they need a strong employment brand to attract talent. That

How to Treat Onboarding Employees Like Serving Customers

When we're selling to customers, we try to determine everything they'll want.

Rebranding Human Resources. Let’s Get Real

There are few, if any, corporate functions that discuss changing their name as

Jump Start Your Onboarding with These Tips from Universities

When I went to university I arrived without knowing a soul. That’s not how it

Connect With Millennial Consumers Using These 5 Branding Shifts

Technology, social media, and the Millennial generation have ushered in a new era

HR Cloud Featured on The Tim Sackett Project

Tim Sackett has nothing but good things to say in his review of HR Cloud in his

HR Cloud Demos New HR Software at Giants Game

HR Cloud hosted a highly attended event for Bay Area tech companies on July 27,

3 Huge Benefits of Building Virtual “Water Coolers”

One of the aims of any well-planned onboarding program is ensuring that new hires

How Multitasking is Thwarting Your Productivity

What do leprechauns, the lock-ness monster, and multitasking all have in common?

Can HR Software Really Change Company Culture?

HR software brings about change. It changes HR processes. It changes the way HR

HR Cloud Launches New HR Software at SHRM 15

SHRM 15 was one of the best conferences yet for HR Cloud. In general, attendees

HR Cloud Set to Release New Apps at SHRM 15

Adding to its portfolio of HR software, HR Cloud is launching several awesome new

6 Tips to Make the Most of #SHRM15

The SHRM 2015 Annual Conference & Exposition is right around the corner and I,

Your CEO Wants HR Software. Now What? Your Guide to Moving Forward.

Great news! As an HR pro you’ve presented your business case to company top dogs

How to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

A group that owns several restaurants and pubs recently embarked on an initiative

4 Ways to Move Millennials from Underemployed to Hyper-Utilized

Most managers who see an empty chair at a Millennial’s desk or see them

HR Software. Will Technology Swallow Up HR?

Is software about to eat HR? The question, raised in a LinkedIn forum, was in

4 Ways HR Can Impact Culture and Engagement Now

For the first time this year, culture and engagement was rated the most important

How HR Can Be the Driver of the SaaS Mindset

Do you know why HR is moving to the cloud? Well, research is showing us that the

4 Workspace Elements Sure To Engage The Millennial Worker

The envelope of today's workspaces are being pushed further and further.

HR Cloud Launches Company Directory

HR Cloud announces the release of Company Directory, the latest addition to its

How to Build Culture in a Telecommuting Environment

Nearly 3% of the US workforce telecommutes. That might not sound like much but

HR Tech Europe Conference Wrap Up

HR Cloud made its official debut in London at the recent #HRTechEurope

How to Increase Engagement by Increasing Business Literacy

We’ve all heard of the Gallup Q12 Employee Engagement Survey. The 12 indicators are

How to Respond to Tough Culture Questions from a Job Candidate

It’s a funny thing really. We share our corporate culture through slick marketing

5 Aspects of Games to Leverage for Increased Millennial Engagement & Retention

Do you track your American Express points, your frequent flyer miles, Fitbit

What Came First? The Brand or the Benefits?

Total rewards. It’s been HR’s responsibility for decades, right? These comp and

HR Cloud Announces European Launch, Hosting Launch Party at HR Tech Europe

HR Cloud is officially launching in Europe this month at Europe’s most important HR

What You Need to Know About Your Next Boss: The Chief of Work

An article in Fortune discussed workplace predictions of 2015, one of which is

Want to Increase Employee Engagement? Start Here

In the past, employee engagement was viewed as a “reactive” measure. Engagement

8 Tips to Enhance Your Millennial Onboarding Process

These days, company loyalty from a Millennial is as rare as getting a phone

What is the HR Blogosphere Saying About 2015 HR Trends?

As 2015 kicked off we were advised, via multiple sources, which HR trends to pay

How to Measure & Evaluate Employee Experience

HR technology has improved significantly in the last several years, providing

How Would You Define HR in 2015? (and our answer)

It seems that every other week we are bombarded by articles denouncing HR,

How to Create a Lasting First Impression on New Employees

An oft-repeated truism is “you only get one chance to make a first impression,”

6 Millennial Retention Strategies Your Company Can Adopt

It’s no secret that more and more Millennials are hopping from one career to

3 Vital Keys to Selecting a Solid HR Technology Solution

Research has shown that companies are planning to greatly increase their HR

How to Work With IT to Implement a Killer HR Tech Solution

I recently read an article defining the term “behavioral IT” as outlined by IT

10 Ways The Cloud Can Improve Your HR Processes

The cloud is here and that is a good thing for HR professionals. The difficulty is

How to Strengthen Your Company Brand and Image

The ‘Employer Brand’ is, to put it simply, an organization’s reputation as an

3 Ways Human Resources Can Define Company Culture

Many will counter and say that HR is not responsible for defining or creating

Boost Office Productivity by Focusing on Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement is not a strategy although many HR professionals

How to Launch & Measure a Successful Onboarding Initiative

In “Onboarding from Scratch,” HR Cloud’s first in a series of onboarding white

How to Blend National Culture with Corporate Culture

If you work in a global firm and have interaction with multiple office locations

Onboarding from Scratch: Process Benefits & Best Practices

ONBOARDING, QUITE SIMPLY, is bringing a newly hired employee “on board.” However, as

Vote for HR Cloud's Onboard Video for "Video of the Day"

HR Cloud’s new video about the benefits of its Onboard software has been nominated

Our Company's #HRTechConf Wrap Up

If you didn’t make it to HR Tech this year, here’s what you missed.

3 Ways to Remove Workplace Stress

Many of us support the belief that if we work hard and put in long hours on the

How to Identify Cultural Fit when Hiring

We talk about cultural fit often, but what does it really mean? How do we

HR Cloud Exhibit at World’s Largest HR Technology Conference

HR Cloud is showcasing Onboard and Core HR Software at the HR Technology

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